What We Do

With high demand of infrastructural development across the globe, Swaleys Nigeria Limited offers standard and quality services to clients while adhering strictly to all safety measures necessary.

Engineering consultancy which includes design and build for swaleys nigeria limited

Engineering Consultancy

Based on the team’s combined expertise, we offer preconstruction planning and project design throughout the project's life cycle.

Building construction offered by swaleys nigeria limited

Building Construction

We have the professional depth and sufficient workforce to deliver the best building construction services, both the mechanical and electrical aspect.

Highway Construction offered by swaleys nigeria limited

Highway Construction

Based on having the neccesary tools and adequate machinery, we address every aspect of highway construction such as roads, drainages, bridges etc.

Dams and Irrigation Works offered by swaleys nigeria limited

Dams & Irrigation Works

With over 20 years of relevant experience, we specialize in the design and construction of irrigation channels and dams infrastructure.

Land Reclamation Works By Swaleys Nigeria Limited

Land Reclamation

Our methodologies, tools and techniques are efficient enough to offer this service at the lowest possible cost to achieve the desired level of quality

Infrastructure concerning erosion control in nigeria by SWALEYS

Erosion Control Infrastructure

We offer solutions to deal with problems caused by erosion, which includes the design and development of certain infrastructure.

How can we help you?

We also offer services in the following areas of Civil Engineering planning and construction

Project Management by Swaleys Nigeria Limited

Project Management

Also includes Construction Management

We understand that professional project management is a strategic element to the success of a project.

Borehole construction in nigeria by swaleys nigeria limited

BoreHole Construction

Drilling and Installation of Boreholes

Includes installation of tube wells, overhead tanks, reservoirs and other water resource infrastructure.

Renovation by Swaleys Nigeria Limited

Renovation Works

Remedial Works for Various Structures

Involves rehabilitation works, provision and installation of doors, windows and other amenities.

Procurement & Supply

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

We manage and coordinate all project engineering, procurement, module fabrication for our projects.

We aim to continuously challenge ourselves to provide world class engineering solutions and limitless possibilities to our clients - OUR VISION

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