Swaleys Nigeria Limited boasts a long history of constructing reliable commercial structures and buildings throughout Nigeria. We construct the Following

  • Modern Markets
  • Office Buildings
  • Service Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Plazas
  • and others

We offer construction in a wide variety of materials selection like wood, steel, glass, concrete, all depending on the client needs. We are known for our flexibility, incorporating new and modern materials in order to provide the quality and class our client deserves.

We have carried out various infrastructural projects for different clients in Nigeria. This includes

  • Construction of Community Boreholes
  • Drainage Construction
  • Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities
  • Renovation and rehabilitation of Public Buildings
  • Park Construcion
  • and others.

We are specialist in road construction and rehabilitation and well capable in bridge construction. This is shown by our numerous road construction and rehabilitation projects carried out in the last fifteen years.

When constructing roads, we think about its future application, degree of usage, climate and location. considering these factors prevents us from under-designing or over-designing the roads. Because of this, every road we construct is optimized for its particular use.

Universities constitutes one of our frequent clients and so, we have excelled in the construction of various academic buildings over our history. These buildings include

  • Hostels and multi-storey student residences
  • Laboratories
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Office Buildings
  • Senate Buildings

Because of our rich experience, we are well capable of constructing any building for educational purposes as our stellar project delivery with various Nigerian universities has shown. These universities, polytechnics and colleges includes but is not limited to University of Abuja, FUT Minna, Nasarawa State University, University of Ado-Ekiti, Osun State University of Technology, Illorin College of Education.

Buildings that acts as places of worship are influential, expressive and usually permanent, but are different in the way each religious building is unique and so from design to finishing we consider these three factors to ensure both influence and permanence. We ensure that material chosen are long lasting but also beautiful and relaxing.

When it comes to Agricultural construction, we have distinguished ourselves and have contructed various agricultural structures and buildings, including live bird markets, barns, agricultural storage facilities among others.

Its not just only about what we build but how we build it. When we construct, we factor in our customers unique needs and so each building is highly customized for whatever purpose the customer so desires, but the projects are also done with love and professionalism to ensure durability. We have catered to the needs of both Governments, individuals and even organization and are ready to tackle any construction problem in agriculture.

Nigeria's ever increasing population and demand for land has necessitated the reclamation of waterlogged lands, oceanbeds and river beds. We can ensure that your land fill is done in such a way as to guarantee sustainablity and stability.

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