Dredging & Land Reclamation

We have successfully executed minor and complex dredging and land reclamation projects across the Nigeria. We are able to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions like deep swamp engineering, sweeping of channels and waterways, reclamation and sand-filling for construction and shore protection.

Service also includes

  • Flood Control Systems
  • Port Construction
  • Maintenance Dredging
  • Coastal Protection
  • Beach Nourishment

Capital Dredging

Our capital dredging is carried out in a perspective of sustainable development, aiming for the long term and with respect for nature. Often, it is executed in sensitive estuaries with proper dynamics and valuable marine life. Continuous innovation is needed to improve ship building, navigation-, and dredging technology; to limit turbidity; to reduce overflow; to increase productivity; and to secure data monitoring and output control.

Flood Control Systems

Our primary objective for Flood Control and Land Reclamation assignments is to identify and study the flood processes within the identified area and to, assess, recommend and design control measures to alleviate the flooding problems. Swaleys Nigeria Limited had been involved in major land reclamation and flood alleviation schemes within Nigeria and has gained a wealth of expertise in the design of reclamation works.

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