We have been engaging the services of Swaleys Nigeria Limited since 1998. Efficient is inadequate to describe the company. They deliver projects on timely basis within budget without compromising standard.

Pharm. Egbuta Okibe
Rtd. Director, Federal Ministry of Health

Swaleys Nigeria Limited has always been successful through competative tender process on our projects. They always beat other competitors through innovative solution and competative pricing. Swaleys Nigeria Limited is obviously a good company to work with

Kingsley Okoye
CEO, Wixlo Technologies

We retained the services of Swaleys Nigeria Limited in project construction, management and maintenance since year 2017. We are extremely satisfied with their quality of service and can gladly recommend them to any one that require their services

Prince Okibe
Co-founder, Wixlo Technologies

we are dedicated to providing the best services at the lowest possible cost

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